National coverage of Fastned charging stations in The Netherlands

Fastned opens 50th fast-charging station along the highway

Amsterdam, 21 January 2016. Fastned, which is building a European network of fast-charging stations where all electric cars can charge, has opened its 50th station along the highway. This station marks the beginning of national fast charging coverage. This network gives electric drivers the freedom to travel throughout the Netherlands. Former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende officially opened the station together with alderman Derk Alssema of the municipality Goes in Zeeland.

Michiel Langezaal, CEO Fastned: "We are the first player that builds a network fast-charging stations which are powered by 100% renewable energy at high traffic locations along the highway. This makes the Netherlands one of the leaders in the field of electric vehicles. And this is just the beginning. In the Netherlands, we will build a network of 200 stations along the highway and we also work on stations in and around major cities. The next step is to expand the network to the rest of Europe. "

Former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende: "It is great that this network of fast-charging stations is being built; with the advent of this charging infrastructure the electric car will be an interesting option for many within a few years. Fastned, for that matter, is the starter of the sustainable mobility.”

During the climate conference in Paris, the world community agreed to make the economy climate neutral this century. Electric cars are a crucial technology to achieve the objective of sustainable transportation. Building fast-charging stations that only provide green electricity brings a 100% electric and sustainable future closer. Simultaneously Fastned contributes to the Dutch Energy Agreement, which stimulates electric transport and the creation of green jobs.

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If you have any questions and/or would like to interview one of Fastned’s founders, Bart Lubbers or Michiel Langezaal, please contact Kyra Hartlief.

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Über Fastned

Fastned entwickelt ein europäisches Ladenetzwerk von überdachten Schnellladestationen, an denen alle Elektroautos aufladen können. Das Unternehmen baut und betreibt die Standorte mit mehreren Ladegeräten, an denen Elektroautos in nur 20 Minuten aufladen können, entlang vielbefahrener Autobahnen. Das ermöglicht es Fahrerinnen und Fahrern, mit ihren Elektroautos durch ganz Europa zu reisen. Fastned betreibt derzeit 84 Ladestationen in den Niederlanden und Deutschland. In den kommenden Jahren wird das Netzwerk auf weitere europäische Länder ausgeweitet. Momentan bereitet Fastned den Bau von Schnellladestationen in Deutschland, Großbritannien und Belgien vor. Die Aktien von Fastned sind an der Börse Nxchange notiert.

Die Umsetzung eines solchen europäischen Schnellladenetzwerkes ist eine Reaktion auf die schnell wachsende Zahl von reinen Elektroautos. Automobilhersteller wie investieren Milliarden von Euro in die Entwicklung und Produktionskapazität von reinen Elektrofahrzeugen. Mit der steigenden Zahl von Elektroautos steigt auch die Nachfrage nach qualitativer Ladeinfrastruktur. Fastned reagiert auf diese Nachfrage mit dem Bau der „Tankstelle der Zukunft“.